PeopleWorks is certified and experienced in many of the industry's most respected profiling and survey tools designed to uncover the strengths, competency gaps, and motivators that impact the workplace performance of individuals and teams.

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Planning is a critical step in the development process.  Our coaches are skilled in helping clients create a practical plan for accelerating and measuring the development process.  We have designed and developed tools that structure goal setting, action planning and define outcomes. Clients walk away with a blueprint for individual and/or team progression. Individual professionals completing this process often feel more confident in their ability to control their professional path.

Leadership and Performance Coaching. Our coaching team represents over 75 years of coaching experience with corporate executives, business leaders and professionals across a wide range of for profit and not-for-profit enterprises.  In addition to private coaching, all of our coaches are experienced in Action Learning methods and team interventions.

High Performing Teams.  We develop highly productive and successful teams by utilizing a combination of Team Coaching and competency-based Action Learning frameworks.  Action learning is a dynamic process that involves a small group of people solving real problems, while at the same time focusing on what they are learning and how their learning can benefit each group member, the group itself and the organization as a whole. (Michael J. Marquardt, GWU, Feb. 2004). Action Learning is a proven design for accelerating adult learning and growth.

Emotional Intelligence. Higher levels of emotional intelligence are associated with better performance in a number of areas: Participative Management, Straightforwardness and Composure, Building and Mending Relationships, and Change Management, to name a few.  For nearly a decade, organizations have relied on our expertise for EQ assessment and competency development. 

Other Specialties

Team Facilitation. Using an outside facilitator to provide structure and process for key meetings is a way to keep a group fully engaged and working toward effective outcomes.  We provide facilitation resources to assist with New Leader and Strategy Alignment, Newly-Forming Team Development, Executive Off-Sites and more.


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